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Occupancy in this Birmingham ‘hood shot from 25% to 75% in just four years as more and more young people discovered its potential. As Fast Company points out, Avondale benefited from a $3 million park renovation and brand-new brewery, both of which opened in October 2011. SAW’s Soul Kitchen ...

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Southside: The historic Southside community is situated on the hilly and forested slopes of Red Mountain just south of Birmingham, Alabama's central business district.

2nd Ave North: Second Avenue North is the vibrant neighborhood home to independently owned restaurants.

Avondale: Avondale was a company town built around the Avondale ...

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Homewood: Homewood is a city in southeastern Jefferson County, Alabama, United States. It is a suburb of Birmingham, located on the other side of Red Mountain due south of the city center.

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Hoover / South Birmingham

Hoover is a city in Jefferson and Shelby counties in north central Alabama, United States. The largest suburb around Birmingham, the population of the city was 84,848 as of the 2015 US Census estimate.

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Lakeview/5 Points

Lakeview: The district is most well-known for its dining and entertainment offerings, with a concentration of restaurants, bars and nightclubs at the 29th Street and 7th Avenue area, as well as the Pepper Place complex.

Five Points, located in Birmingham's south side, is a center of bohemian culture, providing ...

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Mountain Brook

Mountain Brook: Mountain Brook is a town in southeastern Jefferson County, Alabama, United States and a suburb of Birmingham.

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U.S. Route 280 is a spur of U.S. Highway 80. It currently runs for 392 miles from Blichton, Georgia at U.S. Highway 80 to Birmingham, Alabama at I-20/I-59

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Vestavia Hills/Cahaba Heights

Vestavia Hills: Vestavia Hills is a city in Jefferson and Shelby counties in the State of Alabama. It is an affluent suburb of the city of Birmingham.

Cahaba Heights: Cahaba Heights is a neighborhood of Vestavia Hills, a city in Jefferson County, Alabama, United States.

The Summit: The Summit, which ...

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