7 Restaurants Offering Groceries in Bham

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Other than ordering curbside pickup or delivery from your favorite restaurant, there's another unique way you can support the local scene, by ordering your groceries. Yep, here's 7 spots that are keeping Bham residents stocked up while we're stuck at home.

The Fish Market (Southside) - They have a new refrigerated grab & go market that's well stocked with fresh fish, gumbo, jambalaya, red beans & rice, seafood pistachio, seafood moussaka, house made hummus, roasted eggplant spread, salmon spread, feta spread, Athenian sauce, Greek Island sauce, alfredo sauce and don’t forget all of the grocery items they carry like Mediterranean Sea Salt, George’s own Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Greek coffee, balsamic vinegar, imported olives & more.

The Ridge Eat & Drink - They now have milk and eggs you can take to go with your burger and adult beverage of choice. Gallons of whole milk at cost & eggs for $3.50/dozen, but you’ve got to bring your own container to put them in.

Village Tavern - Village Tavern is over rotating $80 Quarantine Kits. Their most recent offering includes 2 Rib eyes -or 2 Filets, 4 Marinated Chicken Breasts, 6 Burgers, 4 Baked Potatoes, 1 Dozen Eggs, Butter, Dessert of the Day, 1 Bottle of Wine (Chardonnay or Cabernet) and 1 Roll of Toilet Paper.

Mudtown Eat & Drink - They have gallons of whole milk for $4.50 at cost with eggs by the dozen for $3.50, but you have to bring your own container to put them in. They may or may not have some paper products like toilet paper & paper towels as well.

Big Bad Breakfast (Homewood & Hwy 280)- While you're picking up some breakfast for the fam, you can also grab some items they're selling like milk, eggs, butter, loaves of bread and meat by the pound like ham, turkey, ground chuck, steak, shrimp & more. Call before 1pm to place your order for same day pickup. Call between 1pm - 2:30pm for next day pickup.

SoHo Social - You can get a roll of toilet paper for $1 a roll or if you get at least 2 takeout items they'll throw a roll in for free. They have gallons of whole milk at cost and have eggs for $3.50/dozen, but you have to bring your own container to take them in.

Little Savannah Restaurant & Bar - On top of doing family meals prepared to go, they're now offering market items like apples, carrots, peas, green beans, avocados, green tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, ice, ground turkey, bacon, pork chops & cubed steak. Order by 1pm daily for same day pickup.

Go out & stock up at these spots. As always, you can find more information on 'The House' app or from these restaurants' individual websites or Facebook pages.

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